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July 10, 2018

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The attorney has finished reviewing the proposed Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Here is a link to download the PDF file. Please review the doc...

New By-Laws

July 10, 2018

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June 2018 Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2018

The Presidents Perspective 

Josh Engelmann


I would like to thank everyone that came to the June meeting. I was happy to see some new members this year.
Thank you to Scott Lepowsky and Andrea Berard for your years of service to the French Lake Improvement Association. 
Thank you to Dan Halvorsen (Vice-President) and Dan Pommerenke (Secretary) for volunteering to serve on the board. Also thank you to Tom van der Hagen for his continued service as Treasurer and Bea Hanson for volunteering to host the July picnic.
It has been an interesting year so far. We went from an almost record ice out date to consecutive 100+ degree days over Memorial weekend. It’s been great seeing all the people out enjoying the lake this year. Let’s have a great, fun, and safe summer season. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and website, www.FrenchLake.org for updates throughout the year.


Meeting Minutes


Josh Engelmann, FLIA President, called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. Saturday June 09, 2018. 


Secretary’s Report - Previous meeting minutes approved; 1st motion by Dan Pommerenke, 2nd motion Jim Dixon.

Treasurer’s Report - Thank you to everyone that has contributed and will continue to contribute.   • Aquatic Invasive Species Account (AIS) -  $10,784.20 • Membership/general -  $3,254.10 • Investment -  $5,223.51. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report approved; 1st motion Kristin Engelmann, 2nd Motion Paul Zabinski. Treasurer’s Note: If members gave only the $200.00 check, the amount was split between dues and AIS contribution, thus allowing the members to have voting rights. Also, some members pay the AIS contribution in installments, so the * by their name means partial contribution at this point.

Old Business:

Non Profit status 501(c)(3) Status: Tom van der Hagen has been working with Matt Brown (Attorney); waiting for the final changes to be completed. Once completed we will need to vote as a group. This will allow FLIA to be a legal charity and it gives FLIA more options to raise money. We can build up a reserve fund, we would not need to have a zero balance in a three year time span. *Thank you, Tom, for taking this task on!

Ditch Clean out: Ditch clean out is on the county’s radar, but it’s on the list and may not be cleaned out for 2 years – reason redetermination will need to be done.  They will do small clean outs as needed.


New Business:

AIS Update: 15 acres of Eurasian Water Milfoil on French Lake will be treated by PLM; see map that Josh provided (map is also available on our website.) This helps treat our lake as a whole.  A side note - you can still treat individually using PLM on your own, but you do need a permit from the DNR. 


AIS Fund Status:  As of 6/9/18 the balance is $10,784 **We encourage all residents to donate $200 towards the Aquatic Invasive Species account so we can continue to keep a handle on what comes our way. (Editor’s Note:  We will need to pay PLM for this service out of this account after they treat the lake this summer.)


Wright County Water Management Task Force update from Paul Zabinski: Current emergency fund has a budget of $15,000; this is for all of Wright County (not much if a disaster happens). They want to cut money for treatment for local lakes so no more grants; they would prefer to put the money towards inspections. Currently French Lake does not get inspectors on our lake due to low activity.


Picnic / Meet and Greet / potluck: Thank you Bea Hanson for volunteering. Picnic will be held on Saturday July 21, 2018. Bea Hansen volunteered to host at her home (3900 Norris Ave. NW.) Meeting will be held from 11:00-12:00 and pot luck to follow. Please bring a chair, your beverage and your favorite dish to share. Pulled pork will be provided.  If it rains it will be moved to the French Lake Township Hall on County Road 3, across from Lantto’s Store. Bea wanted to make sure everyone knows a live band will also be preforming on her deck from 4pm-8pm; everyone is welcome to come and enjoy.


Elections • Scotty Lepowsky resigned as Vice President – Dan Halvorsen volunteered/nominated; 1st motion Paul Zabinski, 2nd motion Steph Halverson, unanimous vote.  • Andrea Berard resigned as Secretary and Dan Pommerenke volunteered/nominated; 1st motion Kristin Engelmann, 2nd motion Char Dixon, unanimous vote.


Additional Conversations from the meeting:

What as home/cabin owners can we do to help our lake quality?  Limit fertilizer usage on lawns - what is the best to use? Phosphorus-free fertilizer; the number on the bag should be 22-0-15, the middle number represents phosphorus which should always be 0.


Fire pits how close should they be to the lake? 50 feet is the recommended minimum distance and keep them clean. 


Septic is yours working right? Signs of a problem: Slow draining toilets, showers or sink, sewage backing up in the basement or drains, ponded water or wet areas over the absorption field in your lawn, bright green grass over the absorption field may indicate that effluent is coming to the surface, a dense stand of aquatic plants or algae along the shoreline, sewage odors, bacteria or nitrates show up in test of a nearby drinking well water, or biodegradable dye flushed through your system is detectable in the lake.


Keep a natural barrier on your lake shore - how many feet? Wide strip of natural grass, or wild flowers.


Dan’s Lake (Filter Project) • Not enough drop from Dan’s Lake into French Lake – Sounds like no filter in the near future.

Starry Stonewart: This could come to French Lake – keep an eye out for strange lake weeds. Contact Wright County Soil and Water Conservation at 763-682-1933 if you have questions. Lake Sylvia seems to have eradicated it by using copper sulfate in tubes;  estimated cost for the lake residents is roughly $100,000.

Signage update:  Andrea contacted royal print group for an estimate on metal yard signs and for everything we were looking for it would cost $500; I think we should make a few of our own at least for the meeting dates. We need volunteers. Sign ideas: Dates and times for meetings; we will need 5-6 signs made up, Member of the Lake Association, and Please call or contact if you are planning a fishing tournament (list a number).

MN Legacy Fund: Josh will research.
 Carp can be trapped during the summer months   • (Jim Dixon brought that point up) we can think about having a carp tournament to help with the invasive fish as well. 

Membership forms – please fill out and bring back to the next meeting

Fee Reminder • $35.00 is for a yearly Membership/general fund and with it you will have the capability to vote on lake issues  • $200 is for AIS whole lake treatment (milfoil)

Meeting adjourned: 10:14 am; 1st motion Kristin Engelmann; 2nd motion Harlan Dalbec 
Respectfully submitted, Andrea Berard, Secretary



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