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July 10, 2018

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The attorney has finished reviewing the proposed Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Here is a link to download the PDF file. Please review the doc...

New By-Laws

July 10, 2018

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August 2018 Meeting Minutes

August 2018 Meeting minutes

 Josh Engelmann, FLIA President, called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. Saturday, August 25, 2018.
Secretary’s Report - July meeting minutes were approved; 1st motion by Kristin Engelmann, 2nd motion by Char Dixon.
Treasurer’s Report -  Wright County informed President Josh Engelmann that they will be sending the association a check for $3,000 to help assist with the cost of this year’s aquatic invasive species treatment of Eurasian Water Milfoil.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed and will continue to contribute.

• Aquatic Invasive Species Account (AIS) -  $7,303.20          

• Membership dues/general -  $3,709.28

• Investment -  $5,228.82

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report approved; 1st motion by Jim Dixon, 2nd Motion by Denny Brummer.

Old Business:


Non-Profit 501(3)(c) Status 

• Forms have been sent to the IRS and the state and we are waiting for the forms to be returned. 


AIS Update (Chara and Elodea)

• Several members asked questions about other possible invasive species they are finding in the lake at the last membership meeting. President Engelmann spoke with PLM and was informed that these weeds are native lake weeds that can be treated by lakeshore owners.  Members were informed that they would need the required permits from the DNR before doing any type of weed control.


Regional Inspection Facility Update

• The DNR and Wright County Soil & Water Conservation held a meeting and the future of the facility is unknown at this time. The funding for Lake Sylvia expires in June of 2019. If the station is not funded by then, it will be closed down. The cost to run the station is approximately $200,000. • One of the larger lake associations suggested adding five lakes to the list that would require inspection of watercraft before being allowed to enter the lake. These lakes are Cedar, Sugar, Moose, Granite and Bass.  These lakes were chosen based on risk factors for infestation. No decision was made and the fate of the station at this time is tabled.

• Wright County is forming a new committee to study how to choose which lakes would require inspection and how to best use the station.

• It was suggested that members contact State Representatives and County Commissioners with their concerns. (Editor’s Note:  Commissioner Charles Borrell can be reached at 763-682-7685.)
New Business:


Starry Stonewart 

• Pleasant Lake: A 25 square foot area of Starry Stonewart was found near the north shore public access. The access is closed until further notice.

• Starry Trek- Vice president Dan Halvorsen took the training and informed members what the training entailed. This training was put on by the DNR to educate lakeshore owners in how to look for Starry Stonewart. Training was about 10 minutes and then volunteers were given a rake and bags to collect samples from lakes in the surrounding area. The plants are usually found in early to mid-August. The plant seems to thrive in shallow water unless the water is very clear. 

• President Engelmann did contact PLM and asked what it would cost to treat Starry Stonewart. PLM suggested that the association have $10,000.00 set aside in case Starry Stonewart is found. This would cover the first treatment, but the weed is very costly to control.

• A motion was brought forward to cap the general fund at $2,500.00. Anything above that amount would be brought over to the investment fund to be used if Starry Stonewart is found in the lake. 1st motion to accept the motion was brought by Kristin Engelmann ;2nd motion to accept the motion by Joe Buege.  Membership voted to pass the motion.
Wright COLA (Wright County Coalition of Lake Associations)  

• Wright COLA is struggling to survive with only a few of the larger lake associations representing the entire Wright County.  Paul Zabinski explained what is expected of the members and how COLA works to benefit every lake association.   Paul stated that he would stay on the COLA board, but we are looking for a French Lake resident to attend the meetings. If anyone is interested, please contact one of the FLIA board members.


FLIA Fundraising 

• Fundraising ideas are needed to help with the cost to combat invasive weeds and other matters that may arise.  One idea brought forward was to have a one night carp bow hunting contest in mid to late May of next year.  Hopes are that this will raise money for the association while thinning out the carp in the lake. 1st motion to accept was by Kristin Engelmann; 2nd motion by Tom van der Hagen. Membership voted to approve.


Other items 

• It is possible that there are grants to assist lake associations.  Chris Pommerenke will look into what grants we can apply for as a 501(3)(c) association.

• Meeting dates for 2019 will be set in January. 

• Denny & Joan Brummer have volunteered to have the French Lake picnic at their house next year.
Meeting adjourned 10:47 am; 1st motion by Dave Benson; second motion by Kristin Engelmann.
 Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Pommerenke, Secretary


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