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July 10, 2018

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The attorney has finished reviewing the proposed Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Here is a link to download the PDF file. Please review the doc...

New By-Laws

July 10, 2018

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June 2019 Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2019

President’s Perspective from Josh Engelmann


It seems like summer is flying by. The end of June is already here. Thank you to everyone who attended the June meeting. Member input is important in maintaining a great lake association and a great lake community.
We’ve endured a cold, snowy winter to get hit with an abnormally wet spring. Hopefully, as the summer progresses we will have many fun days to enjoy the lake. Let’s all have a fun and safe summer season. I look forward to seeing everyone enjoying the lake. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates throughout the year.


June 2019 Meeting minutes of the French Lake Improvement Association 
Josh Engelmann, FLIA President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, June 15, 2019.
Secretary’s Report – Motion to approve the August 2018 meeting minutes was made by Phil Terry; 2nd motion by Andrea Berard. The members voted to approve the minutes.
Treasurer’s Report -  Presented by Tom van der Hagen. 

• Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) checking -  $5,473.00          

• Membership dues/general checking  -  $1,960.03

• Reserve/Savings (four CDs) -  $12,368.26
Tom requested that the two checking accounts be merged into one account for ease of use. Motion to approve the request and the Treasurer’s Report was made by Kristin Engelmann; 2nd motion by Greg Krantz.  The members voted to approve the request and the report.


Old Business:

County Ditch 

• A meeting was held by Wright County in the spring of this year at the French Lake Town Hall to address the clean up issue. The process will take approximately two years to complete.  There will be an assessment of benefitted landowners before the ditch work is started.

• The cleaning will start at the outlet on Oliver Ave. and will go to County Road 3.  If you have questions, please contact Matt Detjen at 763-682-7571.    


Regional Inspection Facility Update

• The program is no longer valid and has no funding. The DNR voted to not approve the site.  

• Inspections of water craft will continue at public boat landings by the DNR.
Starry Stonewart Survey by PLM 

• The survey would be done in late August around the public landing on the north end of French Lake, as this is usually the first place that the weed is located.  The cost would be $500.00. A motion to approve the survey was brought by Kristin Engelmann.  A second motion was made by Greg Krantz.  The members voted to approve the survey.
FLIA Member Information

• Please make sure that all member information is up to date.  This is the main way to share information.  (Editor’s note:  Please send names and email addresses to Gretchen Nelson (gmnels@gmail.com) to be added to our mailing list.)


New Business:
 FLIA Board Positions  

• There were two board positions open for nomination: 

Treasurer position for the next two years.  Kristin Engelmann nominated Tom van der Hagen.  A motion to approve was brought by Luann DuFour.  A second motion was made by Char Dixon. 


At large board position for the next two years.  Josh Engelmann nominated Gretchen Nelson.  A motion to approve was brought by Luann Dufour.  A second motion was made by Bruce Grega. The members voted to approve the nominations.
FLIA Website

• The website is costing the association money and the issue is if people are not using it, should it be shut down.  Several members thought they might be able to find a web base where we could have a free site.  Discussion on this issue will be brought to the members attention at the July meeting.
Eurasian Water Milfoil Treatment

• PLM performed a lake survey on 6/14/19.  At the time of the meeting we did not have the survey results.  The cost to have PLM treat milfoil is now $570.00 per acre.  The lake association received $2,200.00 for treatment of milfoil this year from the county.  This is down from $3,000.00 last year.
Membership Dues

• Membership dues have been $35.00 for a long time and our costs have continued to rise during that time.  An increase to $50.00 next year was mentioned. A motion to increase dues to $50.00 was brought by Kristin Engelmann and a second motion was made by Andrea Berard.  The members voted to approve an increase in dues starting in 2020.


FLIA July Meeting & Picnic 

• The July meeting will take place on Saturday, July 20th at 11:00 a.m. at Bea Hanson’s lake home, with a picnic to follow.  Please bring a dish to share. There will also be a band at Bea’s later in the day (the same band as last year).


Wright COLA

• Continues to do numerous projects, but has less money to spend.


Dan’s Lake Runoff

• Because of the slope and wetlands between the two lakes, there is little that can be done to treat any type of run off from Dan’s Lake into French Lake.


High Lake Level

• With water being so high, please remind your guests to keep the wake of their boats to a minimum.  Jet skis need to maintain a 150 ft. distance from the shore.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was brought by Kristin Engelmann and the 2nd motion by Luann DuFour. Members voted to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.
Respectfully Submitted electronically by,
Dan Pommerenke, Secretary

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